Weighing and Dosing Solutions Showroom

20 - 21 November 2019


WAGexpo - Showroom worth 'weighing’ for!

We invite you to participate in the first edition of Weighing and Dosing Solutions Showroom WAGexpo. The event is a response to the growing demand for weighing and dosing equipment in many industries. Customers are looking for custom solutions tailored to specific processes used in their businesses. At the same time, they have higher requirements not only in respect of the instruments themselves, but also in relation to their maintenance or software-related services. They also want to monitor the applicable rules regulating the verification of scales on an ongoing basis.


WAGexpo is the best place not only for presentation of leading products and services. It is also a platform allowing to exchange information, experience and opinions. Our Exhibitors will have the opportunity to acquire new contracts as well as meet with their current and potential customers.

We invite:

•    producers and distributors of weighing and dosing equipment

•    companies dealing with software, servicing and verification of scales

•    institutions, associations, organisations

•    industry-related media

to join us in the Showroom as Exhibitors.


Among others, we invite representatives of the following industries - automotive, fuel and energy, mining, metallurgical, electrical engineering, chemical, food, packaging and laboratory - to visit the Fair.


Along with the WAGexpo - Weighing and Dosing Solutions Showroom other events will take place: Packaging and Packaging Technology Fair ExpoOPAKOWANIA and Bonding Technology Fair ExpoBONDING.