Packaging & Packaging Technologies Fair

20 - 21 November 2019



This year's edition of the Packaging & Packging Technologies Fair


as every year will be accompanied by interesting events, trainings and workshops, which are an extraordinary opportunity to meet the world of science and business, exchange experiences and establish cooperation.

We invite you to visit our Exhibitors:


        Bergmann Polska is a German manufacturer of waste management / recycling machines (including packaging).
The company has been focusing on its own innovative machines for more than 40 years, focusing primarily on work ergonomics and high quality and long life machines. The BERGMANN company's pillar are Roll-Packers, Rotocompacotrs and special Compactors.
The innovation of the Rotocompactor is compaction by using a rotating drum, which breaks and compacts any raw material and waste. Rotocompactors can be loaded (as opposed to balers) in a continuous mode and practically from every side, even with a conveyor belt. The whole process can be done fully automatically. They are ideally suited for waste paper, plastic film and other plastic waste.
Bergmann compactors are distinguished by many patented solutions. The most important innovation is a special pressing plate that does not require cleaning! A traditional (so troublesome) cleaning flap is therefore unnecessary. The cylinders are placed on the side of the machine and do not come into contact with waste, which significantly affects the machine's life and compaction force. The large feed opening allows you to freely remove even larger amounts of waste.
Roll-Packers compact any waste directly into an open container of up to 40m3 by using a big, heavy drum. They can be used for pallets and bulky waste, as well as for hard plastics and waste from selective collection.

We specialize in providing new, modern, economical packaging solutions.
Operating many years in packaging environment we had opportunity to cope with many packaging problems during the shipping. Having some packaging issues customers had to think which packaging solutions is the best. Which solutions is the cheapest? How to pack large-size products to protect company against losses? What about with those fragile, delicate or irregular products ?
Company can have a huge problem if any tiny mistake during the packaging process happens (including loosing long term cooperation with your customers).
That is why we decided to offer you our engineered knowledge and many years of experience, based on not only Polish but international solutions, so as the answer could appear before you get some losses in your company. Recently, having in mind our environment we have extended our offer by ecological products made entirely of biodegradable components.
You are welcome to get in to our world of innovating solutions and get the interested of our offer.
We offer:
• Activa Air – air pillows
• Protective corners, PE foam profiles
• New Air - bubble mats
• Korrvu - cardboard protection
• Fill Air - air pillows
• Instapak Quick - rising foam
• Polyethylene foam
• Airpag - packaging pockets
• Rapid Fill - bags with air
• Instapak - polyurethane foams
• FasFil EZ® Auto - paper filling system
• Pack Tiger – paper security system
• Paper pulp


     Since 1993 TUBUS company has been a producer of plastic packaging made of rigid films. We specialize in the production of high-class packaging from PET, PVC and PP films. The company's mission is a good and proven brand and a guarantee of high quality products.
We offer:
- rectangular, folded, glued boxes and the ones with an automatic bottom as well,
- profiled packaging and tubes for roller blinds and curtain rods,
- cylindrical and ellipse shaped tubes.
We also make multi-colored printing on the packaging as well. We offer a wide range of packaging for cosmetics, sweets, alcohol and many other products. On request, we provide professional confectioning for all products.